KaLena’s Poetry

“Happiness is a Choice!”

It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to it!!! #IChooseToBeHappy

My Mama Gave Me a Song

“Deafening Silence!”

#RIP Hope – I love you!!!
©KaLena 2019

Her silence is soo deafening
I can hear it from here
Every unspoken word
Each and every tear
I see with her eyes
I hear with her ears
Her pain is my pain
Year after year
No words even spoken
Or again to be heard
Yet her absence screams ever so loudly
From her grave

Suicide is oftentimes a silent killer, but it doesn’t have to be – if we chose to listen with our hearts 💖 and not just our ears!!!

Dedicated to Hope, my beautiful sister – #RIP #RestInPower #Love

Dear Baby Me,

If you could write a letter to the “Baby You”, what would it say?
©KaLena 2019

Dear 22 yr old Me,

If you could write a letter to the “22 yr old You”, what would it say?
©KaLena 2019

Image: attributed to KaLena

Beneath The Sheath

Layers of particles gather
One and then another
As colors combine
Giving me flavor, then style
One would never know
This evolution without
Being informed of
The wonders that lay
Beneath the sheath

Image: attributed to KaLena

Sweet Surrender!”

An invisible battle within and without
To just surrender
But reason keeps me far from it
This territory is so foreign to me
A flipping sensation inside of my belly
Could this really be?????
An unexplainable pregnancy
But how so, and unbeknownst to me?
Artificial insemination or immaculate conception?
I can’t be sure
But, yes – I’m pregnant!!!!
And about to deliver
Contractions, ever so strong
Labor pains intensifying each day
Indescribable pain
I scream so loud, the earth stands still
“There’s no way I can get through this!”
Presented with no options
Except, to trust the process
Deliver or die!
Aww, FINALLY, here at last!
His name shall be called, “Sweet Surrender”

Inspired by all of the pains, joys and my life experiences!!!

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Fool’s Paradise!”

Void of flowers, birds,…..trees
A second glance unveils
Only grass, sand, and weeds
A mere fantasy, or mirage of sort
Hidden behind a two way mirror
Where stones for clouds produce
No rain to quench even a thirst
Promises of lies beautifully scattered
Betwixt a split tongue
Pushed forth by every breath
Yielding no conviction deep within
How can a thief sell such
A beautiful dream of splendor
While potential, all along has been kept hostage
Held at bay by unchained emotions
Until finally, she becomes prey to a FOOL’S PARADISE

Image: attributed to KaLena

“Establish Me!”

Accompany me as you
Take my hand
In the presence of ignorance
Shadowing my thoughts
Caressing each of them
As they unfold

Silence embarassment
Countering it with understanding
Entangled in humility
Wisdom, establish me……………. ,
And I shall be ESTABLISHED!

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“She Thirsts!”

As I examine my sorrow
This emptiness inside
That has me lusting with desire
I realize that it’s because
Kindness and Love have jumped ship
Not easily found
Leaving her panting
Like a stray dog in heat
Centered in the desert
Only to be misunderstood, labeled, and judged
Especially, when she reaches out
For her hand to be held
Or opens her heart to be shared
Says, “I love you”…..
And desperately awaits a response
But, none she gets
So she thirsts!!!

This I dedicate to every woman whose lack of Love, affection, attention, and nurturing has caused you to be labeled, used, abused and misunderstood (myself included). There is never a need to apologize for being a flower in desperate need of water…for, it was how you were created. But, please know that there is only ONE who can permanently fill this void.

Jesus answered (the woman at the well), “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst ~ Jesus
John 4:13-14

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Man, get up from down there!”

You ask why am I so low
My answer: “cause’ you aint high”
I’ll come up, when you get up
Back on your throne where you belong
Where you led, I followed
You fell and so did I
Into this no flight zone
Of broken winged buzzards
Now you look at me with dismay
As if you had no part to play
You were designed to drive
But, now you just ride baby ride
With no real Direction,
Affection, or Protection
Where we end up
God only knows
Probably on the side of some road
Taking a long wrong way
Keeping God at bay
You never even stop to ask Him
For clear direction
Just waiting for me to do it
Just like Adam’s insurrection
Then blaming me for getting us lost
And for being a boss
Man, “Get up from down there” off that ground
So that I can sit down
By your side, is where I belong
Where we both, wear crowns

This, I dedicate to any man who has never known and/or who has forgotten that he is a valuable king.

To my beautiful Queen Mother (GMA) – who has always held it down! #Kentake

Also, to so very many women who have been made to feel inadequate and/or left all alone to pick up the pieces…..some suffering premature deaths while in the process, like my grandmothers – Rachel & Ruth (Bonnie) and my mother-in-law, Mary……whose names shall 4ever live on inside of me and my daughter (Nayya). #Legends

Image: attributed to KaLena

This is a reprint of one of my pieces, with a backdrop that expresses this message in a new way!

Truly, I am “Seeing LOVE” for the very first time.

Thank you, Abba Father – for you are LOVE!!!💖💖💖💖💖

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In a world of popularity, likes, pokes and trying to fit in – it is very important to maintain our identities and integrity – less we suffer the fate of so many who become followers to their death. So say “NO” to the Judas Goat, who is trained to lead sheep to their slaughter.

“…….if the blind leads the blind, both shall fall into the ditch?” Matthew 15:14

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Black? Ugly? Fat?

Who told you that you were
Black, Ugly, and Fat?
I NEVER said that!

Why listen to those that
Have no ears to hear or
Eyes to see
Those whom soon
Shall cease to exist

I Am your Author and Finisher
And you are pefectly made!

I created Black
I define Ugly
I totally embrace Fat
…..and “Whatever is that?”

What I said was…,
That you are beautiful
And in you, I am well pleased
So, my dear,………..”Hear me!”

This, I dedicate to any and everyone (myself included) who has ever been made to feel ugly and imperfect. This world teaches and promotes body image, outer appearances and conformity. But, yet – we were all uniquely and wonderfully made……so embrace being you!!!

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“The Biggest Fight of All!”

All my life, I’ve had to fight…
Fight to be heard
Fight to be seen
Fight to be loved
But, now…..
I fight to be ME!

Being honest and truthful to yoursef isn’t always easy, but it’s one of the biggest fights you’ll ever win – and so worth the pain!!!

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“I am Diamond, you are Rose!”

My dear Rose:
I’ve watched you
Blossom into one of my most
Prized possessions
Your petals are so soft
Delicate and fragile
Your humilty is what
I envy most
While I shine, you grow
A sweet aroma
Permeating the air
For all to see
I am soo proud of you
I sparkle to light your way
Rays in your direction
My legacy drawing you
Upward to the sky
Our final destination
I AM, because of you
My forever Rose!!!

To my beloved daughter, Nayya – This is dedicated to you. You are my heart, and my breath. Because of you, I find myself writing and finally releasing so much that has been stored deep down inside of me.

Keep writing and completing your journey ~ for your destiny is GREAT! Never give up, you’re just beginnng!!!

I LOVE you to pieces!!!! You are my Forever Rose!!!

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My Son!”

Not a falling star
But, as a shooting star
You landed
In my womb
A sacred audible
“You shall conceive!”
Who me?
Was my initial reply
The response:
“Yes, you!”
No time to plan
Or decide
He is My gift
To you
His name is
“Brave Messenger”
And that
He shall be called
Tell him of his purpose
And of the destiny that awaits
Blessed to be a Blessing
A covenant to a king
And a constant reassurance
That you are queen
A bright and morning star
Forever shall he rise!!!
My son!

Dedicated to my son, Elijah.🔥 May you always remember your name and from whence you came! I love you!!!!!💞

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In ALL Honesty…..”

As I sit and ponder
No touch has ever vanquished
The void within my loins
That began so long ago
From the false comfort of my cradle
Where the windows of my soul
Were met by cold hands
And a subsequent cold heart
My age of innocence immediately
Stripped from me, repeatedly
Yet, fairy tales and picket fences
Was my daily dose of a meal
So this precious girl, grew a hopeful being
My spirit was seeking and cried out
Yet, encountered more serpents from life’s garden
Baby, toddler, youth, or teen – age was a nonfactor
Actually, the younger, the better
Allowing damage to take root in me
And rough edges to grow
Encircling my heart
Building brick walls
And ripping down bridges of hope
Now, this scar tissue is so hard
That it requires a demolition crew
But not of this world………NO!
The world that built this hellacious fortress…….NO!
The world that promotes a knight in shinny armor………NO!
This world can never be my answer
When I said NO, I meant NO!!!
How can a smile, cut so deeply?
And hands of protection become weapons of mass destruction?
All aimed to destroy a beautiful princess
“To no hu-MAN shall I ever look to for redemption!”
For, he is shortcoming’s originator
So, I shall forever look to the hills
From whence comes my help
A place not built by hands
The place of my origination and final destiny
To my Redeemer and Advocate
For, there is but 1 true Bridegroom
And He awaits me with open arms
Like me, He is a stone rejected by builders
Relating to my every folly
And yet still, in ALL honesty
He loves me, unconditionally!

This I dedicate to my precious daughter Nayya, who was sent here to awaken me and to fulfill my legacy. I AM, and forever will be – YOU!!!! #ShinePrincessShine💖💖💖

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“Nurture Me!”

Father me,
Dear God
Be the Daddy I never knew
Educating me about the Kingdom and
The evolution of a princess

Mother me,
Dear Holy One
Teach me Grace and Virtue
Let Wisdom and Patience speak and
Beauty, do a perfect work

Raise me,
Dear Savior
Protect me from the dangers of life
Prepare me for the wolves
Let your experience guide me while
Goodness and Mercy stand guard
Nuture me, til the end – which is my beginning!!!

In Your most precious name (I AM), Selah!

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“Light Within”

In the midst folly
Your light encompasses me
I close my eyes
Wrap both arms
tightly around myself
It’s you that I feel
Deep inside of me
Soo warm, soo pure
A gentle echo
“Hello, my dear”
The sweet, soft caress
of Love
I AM not alone
Never, alone

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Which Way?”

If I go left, they laugh
If I go right, they heckle
If I turn back, then I’m a quitter
But I can’t just stand here
In the middle of nothingness
Wavering to and fro
Should I stay or should I go?
And if so, in which direction?
Popularity or Nonconformity?
What’s common seems comfortable
While the unknown equips pain
Quick and Easy is deceptive
Long and Hard requires courage
Stagnation steals away time
But the unknown makes me ponder
If I go left, will I miss right?
If I stay here, can I ever go back?
Which way!

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Image: attributed to rightful owner (Mirakee)

“Excuse me, while I cry!”

Heart beating fast, I can hardly catch my breath
My palms are all sweaty…..but,
My head is held high, yet so very heavy
I can barely stand
A large vein appears, right in the center of my forehead
Temples are pounding
As both nostrils expand, wide and even wider
My eyelashes bat quickly “1-2-3”; “1-2-3”
Oh no, is this water in my eyes?
“Please God no!”
“Not here!”
….and not now!”

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Image: attributed to rightful owner

“Last Names!”

Your last name
you can keep
A virgin touched
for the 1st time
Blew my mind
Up off my knees
I see clearly now
No more clouds
Faded memory
Call 911
You’ve been downed
just consciousness
Yes, the shoe fits
you like a glove
I vow to be
loving me always
So, keep your last name
I got my own

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Image: attributed to rightful owner

“Misfit Miss Understood!”

Misunderstood from day one
Hidden from the rays of the Son
Unaware that you embody light
Or that it’s about u that I write
Overcome by seduction’s tease
An idol mind not at ease
A nonconformist out of place
Black sheep, and a black face
Taunted; poked; left for dead
Shattered memories fill her head
Surrounded by a valley of bones
But never left alone
Her head stamped with Destiny
Success seen so clearly
She will indeed do good
A Misfit Miss Understood!!!

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Bitter Cup

Take from me
this bitter cup
filled with thorns
of hatred
That arose
from fear,
and hostility
You commanded
that I drink
For only then
can YOU
avenge me

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“From whence comes…..”

From whence comes my healing
Sings my soul
To the beat of African drums
Thorn of my flesh
Bellowing melodies
Of sweet surrender
Til I scream no more
The dredge of sorrow
Of my ancestors
Calling out my name
From deep below
Stand tall my child
Look high and stretch forth
Gird yourself in
Fine Dignity
Thy strength has arrived!

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“Hear ye, Hear ye!”

Hear ye,
The sound of my
heart beating inside of my chest
Hear ye,
The respectable length of my dress
Hear ye,
Virtue in the way that I walk
Hear ye,
Grace flowing as I talk
Hear ye,
Again, that I am no one’s b_ tch
Hear ye,
The time has come that I switch
Hear ye,
My time with you is finally done
I will assume my position
back on the throne

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“Ink to Pen!”

Says the ink to pen
“So, we meet again?”
Gliding so effortlessly
Viennese Waltz
Line upon line
Thought upon thought
Colliding diverging
Lyrical art expressed
by the soles of our feet
Panting new words
beat after beat
My elixir you press in
again and again
“Written remnants deposited”
Says the ink to pen

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Image: attributed to rightful owner
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A Knee Buckling Experience!”

Eyes collide in mid air
My breath escapes me
Fingertips so full of
I try, but can’t contain
For a moment
I’m suspended in time
Clocks ticking but
no movement
Been here before
Deja vu all up in this
and after 21 years
We’re still here!

Dedicated to my one and only! Commemorating the day that we first met and you stole my heart!💖💖💖💖💖

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“A Puppet no more!”

Tossed like the wind
This puppet on a string
Who patiently waits
for the phone to ring
No text, No poke,
not one single call
Broken like Humpty
after his great fall
Thrown against the wall
My limp body dangles
tangled in a web of lies
Woven by brutal hands
That made this wood cry
Deeply, I inhale
and catch my life
I realize, “I’m ALIVE!”
With lacerated strings

A Puppet NO more!!!

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…They say, “Don’t speak with your mouth full”
…They say, “You’ll never amount to anything”
…They say, “Good things come to those who wait”
…They say,”Don’t re-invent the wheel”
…They say, “Quit while you’re ahead”
…They say, “Always make a good 1st impression”
…They say, “To never let them see you sweat”
…They say, “To take the high road”
…They say, “To always forgive”
…They say, “Nothing beats a failure, but a try”
…They say, “You gotta start somewhere”
…They say, “Two heads are better than one”
…They say, “If you can’t be them, join them”

Will somebody please tell me, Who is “They” – anyway???

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“Not quite what you command!”

Not quite what u command
Nor do you even understand
You mere mortal man
Because it’s not by your hand
I was woven
But by the wings of my King
Did I arrive
So step aside
And hold your tongue
As I complete my commission
Either support me or abort me
But NEVER will you stop me
For an Ambassador Am I
From a realm, far beyond the sky
Supernaturally clothed in skin
So I appear to fit in
But, I do not expect you to comprehend
What is impossible to understand….
That is, I will NEVER be
Quite what you command!

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Image: attributed to rightful owner

“Turn! Turn!Turn!”

Turn up the music
so that I can drown out
the thought of you leaving me
all alone on the couch

Turn down the lights
so that I can erase the
scent of you hair
that lingers in this house

Turn back time
so that I can smile again
dancing til dawn breaks
and my feet hurts

Turn into my prince charming
pull out my chair
for once, be a man
and not a jerk

Turn! Turn! Turn!

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“Rollin’ in the Deep!”

I’ve always thought we’d be together
And live forever
Make “Happiness” a new term
Oh, how I longed to play grown up games
And do childlike things….with only you
Smelling the warmth of your kiss at sunrise
Tasting the sweetness of your caress at sunset
Goosebumps covering my entire body as I awake every morning cradled in biceps
Am I that wrong for wishful thinking?
By any chance, will the fig tree produce
A fruit sweet enough for us both
To feel this same blue flame from the fire
If so, touch me like the morning dew
Exposing both of our souls
Fill me up, overflowing with ecstasy
Skin against skin in Ebony Bliss
My core screaming your name
Over and over and over again
Rollin’ in the Deep!!!!

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15 and pregnant
No love, caress, or climax
What is that?
Rebel with a cause
Was my claim
But what now
He says it isn’t his
Am I a statistic?
A repeated legacy
Fatherless me
And baby (he or she)
Will be the same

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“Either Way”

Roll one way,
and laugh
Roll the other way,
and cry
Either way,
I burry my
face in
my hands!

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“The Last Kiss Goodbye!”

The pursuit of happiness led me there
My nerves packed with anxiety
This was my moment of truth
A chance to pour out my heart
Exposing it to all impurities
But if I don’t tell, he’ll never know
What I’ve kept inside of me

I gasped for air, but there wasn’t any
Time was not on my side
And neither was Love
Immediately I realized, no matter what
“This is it!”

Silence gripped my mind and my body
But my soul whispered,
“Tell him, Tell him”
While my heart responded,
“I can’t, I sense his rejection”

Courage left my side
Speechless, no words came to me
I looked for Confidence
And she was gone as well
Vulnerability is pure hell!
But, I simply must share the
Passion raging inside of me

Suddenly, we arrived at our destination
Not a single word had I conveyed
TRUTH trapped inside of me forever
He leaned in and planted me the kiss……
That said “GOODBYE!”

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Image: attributed to rightful owner

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