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We live in a society filled with stereotypes, prejudices and prejudgements. Often times, we miss the goodness in others, simply because of a lack of understanding…… UNDERSTANDING.

The Genius is CommonTM Movement

I truly believe that a Genius lies inside each of us – regardless of your race, age, gender, social status, and even your intellect. This is why I wholeheartedly agree with and support the “Genius is CommonTMMovement, founded by Bruce George, who is also the Co-founder of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam with Russell Simmons. He expresses that:

The Genius is CommonTM Movement is about tearing down the Berlin Wall of the word genius.” Be inspired – Be engaged – Be empowered…

Genius is CommonTM” means that all beings have a genius in them. Genius manifests itself through each being’s own unique way of expressing their passion, be it their profession, their art, their talent.

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My name is “KaLena” and I AM a genius! “Genius is Common!” Thank you for your support!!!

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